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                          Shanghai Minhang Development Zone Bixi Road No. 50, Lane 275

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                              Shanghai Fei Liang Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. located in Shanghai Minhang Economic and Technological Development Zone, the geographical location, convenient traffic, the company covers 17,949 square meters, construction area of 7512 square meters. The original company, called Shanghai Liang Fei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a total investment of 80 million yuan. Is a production, design, development, sales and service-oriented finishing machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd.. There are cold, turning, milling, planing, boring, drilling, line cutting and other processing equipment. Shanghai Turbine Works is the company for the co-operation with other association, was named outstanding suppliers.

                          The company has good quality and experienced technicians and staff, as always, adhere to the "quality first, service first, credit first", and will continue to "deepen the reform, optimal management, market expansion, and improving overall quality" as the target. Dedicated to new and old customers with quality products and best service, in order to "bright flight," a better tomorrow, willing to work with all friends hand in hand, create brilliant.




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